[Daigo&Sako] Daigo Takes Sako&39s Online Kage Course [SFV S5]

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Published on Jan 1, 2020
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In this video, Daigo Refers to Sako by His First Name with an honorific, "Nao kun."
Punk Gifts People 1:40
Sako's Stream Starts 2:13
Sako Starts Playing Kage 4:07
Hadoken Interruption Punish 6:34
Please Don't Watch Me! 9:37
10:14 CA Synchronicity
10:25 Guys, Can I Stop Streaming Now?
For "Nirvana," check out this video http://vtvtet.com/xem/hot_ccJqM4TsmK5GU

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Johnny streams at http://www.twitch.tv/fd_johnny

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[Daigo&ampSako] Daigo Takes Sako&39s Online Kage Course [SFV S5] [Daigo&ampSako] Daigo Takes Sako&39s Online Kage Course [SFV S5] [Daigo&ampSako] Daigo Takes Sako&39s Online Kage Course [SFV S5]
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