Marvel Movies Scenes That Are Practically Flawless

Published on Nov 21, 2019
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While some moviegoers might argue that the perfect scene doesn't exist, quite a few Marvel movies come darn close to proving that argument wrong. Buckle up, because we're diving headfirst into the most memorable, iconic, and practically flawless scenes in the MCU.

Iron Man is a masterpiece of a movie. Robert Downey Jr.'s performance as Tony Stark is exactly what the MCU needed to gain some momentum right out of the gate.

While it's a great experience from one end to the other, though, there's one scene that stands out above the rest. We're talking about Stark's emergence from captivity, decked out in the towering first version of his Iron Man suit, the Mark I.

The clunky armor is a rough start compared to the nanotech that Stark eventually creates. It gets stuck in the wall and requires a handmade spark to launch its missiles. And it's not exactly durable. But it's all he needs to blow that popsicle stand and then hightail it out of there, leaving the astonished survivors of the Ten Rings in the rearview mirror.

The death of Yinsen adds some emotional fuel to the fire, too, as he implores Stark not to waste his life.

The emergence of the MCU's first bona fide superhero was pulled off with a precision that simultaneously cut to the quick and had us on our feet cheering.

Watch the video to see more Marvel movie scenes that are practically flawless!

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Kicking things off with the Mark I | 0:17
Taking one for the team | 1:25
The Decimation | 2:33
A super-duel | 3:52
Come a little bit closer | 4:47
Swinging into action | 5:51
Gladiators extraordinaire | 7:14
The first assembly | 8:23
Thor's arrival in Wakanda | 9:31
Rock, paper, scissors | 10:25
Does anyone want to get out? | 11:35

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Marvel Movies Scenes That Are Practically Flawless Marvel Movies Scenes That Are Practically Flawless Marvel Movies Scenes That Are Practically Flawless
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