The Coleman Show Trailer 5 Comedy sitcom

Caliko Media Productions
Premiered Dec 4, 2019
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The Final 5thTrailer of The Coleman Show
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Instagram: @theColemanTVShow
Tv Series Created, Produced, and Directed By Calvin "Caliko" Coleman
Episodes written by: L.A. Holts

Principal Cast:

Leroy: Eric Epps

Veronica: Queen Khadija Freeman

Mama Gertrude: Jeannette Blackwell

Bobby: Cayen Martin

Mahalia: Angelic Prom

Uncle Tyrone: Danny Froze

Modafi: Lamar Gardner

Beckeisha: Amy Stricker

Kevin: Calvin "Caliko" Coleman

Baby Xander: Xander Coleman

Trina: April Lowry

Stacy: Bria Lockhart

DP: Devin Quinn

Boom: Magnus Amegashi

Production Assistant: Tiffany Mccaskill

Production assistant 2: Melanie Brown

AD: Felecia Young

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The Coleman Show Trailer 5 Comedy sitcom The Coleman Show Trailer 5 Comedy sitcom The Coleman Show Trailer 5 Comedy sitcom
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